Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zimmerman Not Guilty-what about America?

As the American public reacts to the Zimmerman ruling, I can't help but notice that the most vociferous statements of moral outrage are those most out of touch with the hard, cold facts in the case.

The prosecution and defense both agreed on 6 jurors that they believed could make a fair ruling.  Those jurors sat through evidence and testimony far greater than anything we'll ever see and took a burden far greater than we could imagine.  Despite this, many are expressing outrage over that ruling, choosing instead to place their convictions in a shallow, corrupt media version of the events which pits "Skittles & Iced-Tea Trayvon" vs. "Racist Orange Jump-Suit Vigilante Zimmerman".

The highlight of this trial may have been the disgraceful unprecedented stream of media propaganda such as:

  • -911 taped fabricated to give false impressions of Zimmerman's call while ignoring Trayvon's 'creepy cracker' comments.

  • -Scrutinizing Zimmerman's character/motives while ignoring Trayvon's history of suspensions due to possession of drug paraphernalia, graffiti,  possession of a 'burglary tool' and a bag of women's jewelry.

  • -The constant presentation of 12 year old baby faced Trayvon vs the unshaven, orange jail jump suit pics of Zimmerman.

  • -Ignoring the pics/tweets from Trayvons account which show a young man much different than the cute 12 year old.

  • -Projecting the racist image while ignoring Zimmerman's Peruvian heritage and charitable work with minorities.

  • -The repeated talking point of Zimmerman leaving his car, while neglecting testimony that Trayvon circled his car.

  • -Failing to explore/elaborate on the 4 minute span between first contact and the struggle?  Why didn't Trayvon run?

  • -Failing to report on the first exchange between Trayvon and Zimmerman...including alleged threats and first attack by Trayvon.

  • -President Obama's inappropriate commentary & Atty General Corey's overzealous/incompetent reach for murder 2.

None of this means that Trayvon deserved to die.  It's a tragedy that a young boy passed so soon and his parents will miss so much of what his life may have been...but that doesn't excuse the fact that so many otherwise intelligent Americans have suspended their intellect and discernment to wallow in the muck of emotional propaganda.

I can understand the initial outrage of black Americans as we live in a culture where race pimps and politicians constantly pit white against black, rich against poor, etc.  But at some point we have to wake up and be clear headed.
What about the rest of us?
Is it white guilt?
Is is prejudice against whites/hispanics?
Is it the thrill of some real life CSI case?
Are Americans now so effectively dumbed down by television, video games, I-pads that they are simply incapable of comprehending the legal process?
Or are we so morally bankrupt that we now favor wrath and vengeance over the rule of law?

I know I can't possibly be the only clearheaded observer. Maybe people just don't care as much as they pretend to...or maybe they're scared of saying the wrong thing...but it seems pretty clear to me.

George Zimmerman was a fallable human being who made some unwise decisions on the fateful night he crossed paths with young Trayon Martin...also a fallable human being who made poor decisions that night.
It's possible that Zimmerman WAS an over zealous 'neighborhood watchman'.
It's possible that Trayvon was an overzealous young boy eager to be a man.

Bottom line is that only George Zimmerman knows all the details and there are no witnesses until the point where Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman, beating him.  Many are rightly unsatisfied with so many unknowns when a young man is shot to death.

But America is not a country which allows us to substitute conjecture for PROOF when we determine the fate of those involved.  There was no evidence that Zimmerman had a "depraved mind".  Nor was it clear that he recklessly intended to kill Trayvon.

George Zimmerman's fate aside, God help us if we ever set a precedent which abolishes the standards of "Innocent Until Proven Guilty" and "Guilty Beyond Reasonable Doubt" for the sake of maiing an example of someone or for the sake of righting some wrong...there are already too many innocent people in prison.

At times, I admittedly had my doubts about the jurors upholding this standard of justice in the face of so much public pressure, but am relieved and proud that they upheld the letter of the law.

May Trayvon rest in peace, may his parents find some solace and may God handle it from here.

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